SDG Indicator Portal

Explore our compilation of data on SDG Indicators

Welcome to the IISD data portal on indicators for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Our portal, the first of its kind, provides visualizations of the indicators that countries are choosing to report on for the SDGs: a bottom-up view of national indicator reporting, based on the top-down indicators selected by the United Nations (UN). The indicator data is compiled, as it becomes available, based on reviews of countries’ voluntary reports to the UN High-Level Political Forum. The data will be updated periodically as more countries submit these reports.

How to navigate this page:

Making a selection from the dropdown menu will show indicator data in the SDG visualization below. Selecting ‘All countries’ will provide an overview of all countries in the dataset, displaying the percentage of countries that have reported on each indicator, by goal.

Selecting an individual country will show which indicators have been reported by that country. You can also explore more in-depth indicator data in the table below the visualization.

Make a selection in the dropdown menu above to start exploring.