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IISD's research, experts and publications are regularly featured by press outlets and on multimedia platforms around the world.

The list below is a selection of recent mentions. Click Here for other media-related content.

  • Community pasture benefits worth over $13 million a year, study says

    Manitoba Cooperator - March 22, 2018  "The report titled The Social and Environmental Benefits of AMCP Community Pastures and led by the International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD) has quantified the direct monetary and non-monetary values of these landscapes, including their role in carbon sequestration, soil conservation and support for biodiversity."

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  • Québec offre en moyenne 300 millions par année pour le soutien aux énergies fossiles

    Le Devoir - March 21, 2018  "Une première étude détaillée des soutiens financiers de l’État québécois aux énergies fossiles, réalisée par Équiterre et l’Institut international du développement durable (IIDD), démontre ainsi que le soutien financier du gouvernement à la « consommation » d’hydrocarbures a atteint au moins 1,7 milliard de dollars depuis l’année fiscale 2011-2012."

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  • The ICJ Arbitrators

    The Arbitration Station - March 20, 2018  "On this full-length feature of a podcast episode, Joel talks to Bruno Gelinas-Faucher about the involvement of ICJ judges in investor-state arbitration, prompted by a recent report from the International Institute for Sustainable Investment."

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  • Can technology turn Canada's oilsands green?

    National Observer - March 19, 2018  “There certainly are some GHG benefits from [oilsands research and development],” says Philip Gass, senior energy researcher at IISD. “But the point is that it is still support for continued use of fossil fuels over other alternatives. That’s where it is definitely still a subsidy to fossil fuels even if there is some benefit.”

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  • Technology central to future of mine asset management

    Mining Journal - March 15, 2018  "The International Institute for Sustainable Development has said driverless technology increases mining output by an estimated 15-20%, "while decreasing fuel and maintenance costs by 10-15%, and 8%, respectively"."

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  • Her er fem løsninger på udfordringen med fremtidens mange klimaflygtninge

    Politiken - March 15, 2018  This year, a new reality, based on a new international paradigm regarding refugees, must emerge. Here are five steps that need to be set in motion to make this happen. (This article is in Danish. An English-language version can be found here).

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  • The goal is to study what happens when oil spills in a lake... without actually harming the lake

    CBC Ottawa - March 13, 2018  Jules Blais of the University of Ottawa speaks to CBC Ottawa's All in a Day with Alan Neal about upcoming research into the impacts of oil spills on fresh water at IISD Experimental Lakes Area.

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  • Scientists planning experimental "oil spills" in northwestern Ontario

    CBC News - March 07, 2018  "Scientists are planning experimental "oil spills" in northwestern Ontario this summer in an effort to better understand what happens when diluted bitumen winds up in freshwater lakes. CBC's Bartley Kives speaks with Vince Palace, head research scientist at IISD Experimental Lakes Area."

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  • Scientists plan simulated oil spills in northwestern Ontario

    CBC News - March 07, 2018  "Scientists are planning experimental "oil spills" in northwestern Ontario this summer in an effort to better understand what happens when diluted bitumen winds up in freshwater lakes. Ecologists at the Experimental Lakes Area (ELA) east of Kenora are planning to simulate a series of spills, clean them up and then assess what happens to the water, plants and animals."

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  • How Calgary is Preparing for the Impacts of Climate Change

    CBC Calgary - March 07, 2018  Anika Terton speaks to CBC Calgary's Rob Brown about how cities across the world, including Calgary, are planning for the impacts of climate change. (Video starts at 7:20)

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